Friday, 29 April 2011

Royal wedding!!

The special day has arrived! Unfortunately, todays' post couldn't be about anything else. I'm watching the arrival of the guests to Westminster live and direct in Spanish!! It doesn't change a thing. You can feel the atmosphere even from here. I wish I could send them a few rays of sunshine to brighten the arrival of the bride but I'm sure that she's so happy she wouldn't even notice. How nervous she must feel - not only because it's her wedding day but because the whole world (an estimated 2000 million people) will be tuning in to watch!


Wishing them all the best for today and the future.

Hasta pronto!

Thursday, 28 April 2011

On my bedside table

Currently reading:

Title: My Name Is Red
Author: Orhan Pamuk
(Translated by Erdag M. Göknar)
Published by: Faber& Faber

I picked this book up randomly at the airport (when there's time to kill I like to wander along the shelves and see where it leads). I find this a good way of changing genre, otherwise I'd always go for the same kind of read.

This book is definitely a change. The story is based in 16th century Istanbul where a secret book has been commissioned by the Sultan. One of the miniaturist illustrators comes to an untimely end which puts those involved with the book in danger. Every character tells the story from their own point of view which makes for interesting reading.

The prose are sumptuously descriptive and, at times, need a second read to get the full flavour. It took me a little while to get into it and to get used to the constant changing of POV but it does get easier and I' actually quite enjoying it. I don't know what the criteria are to be candidate (or even a winner) of the Nobel Prize in Literature - this book won the coveted title in 2006 - but it certainly gets ze leetle grey cells zinging!

Hasta pronto!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Out to lunch

'El Cordero' entrance, TF
It's always nice to find somewhere new to eat and which doesn't include having to take out a personal loan to pay for it!

'El Cordero' (The Lamb) restaurant can be found on the main road to the coastal town of Guargacho in the south of Tenerife.

It's a converted hothouse, once used to grow fruit and vegetables, with no frills. The inside is open plan with varying sizes of wooden tables and folding chairs. The walls are decorated with bamboo cane and plants trail along the supports. But none of that really matters because the food is good. The choice is abundant and the quantities large. There is something for everyone and all the meat is freshly prepared on a charcoal grill which can be seen at one end of the room. Fortunately it is cut off from the dining area by perspex panels, otherwise it would be baking inside. The service is fast, discreet and pleasant.

As well as the numerous options from the menu there is also a board just next to the entrance with the specials of the day. We chose a plate of seafood paella to start and a mixed meat grill (offered for one person but more than enough for two) with a small salad as the main course. I couldn't tell you what the desserts were like as we never got that far - too full! We ate very well and the bill, including drinks, came to less than 25€.

It's away from the main tourist areas and has to be reached by car. But it is well worth the effort. It opens at 1pm and by 1.30pm the carpark is full and it's difficult to find an empty table. Reservations are not taken which probably explains why it fills up so quickly.

It's also interesting to see what can be done with a few trees and a lot of imagination!
Hasta pronto!

Monday, 25 April 2011

Easter jumping

I suppose that the first thing that comes to mind is a lot of Easter bunnies hopping around. But this weekend the Club Hípico del Sur in Buzanada (Arona) in Tenerife held its' annual Easter showjumping event. It attracted over 100 participants, which is a success whichever way you look at it.

Although I am more interested in the monochrome discipline (black and white of dressage!), I do enjoy watching the horses flying around the arena and showing their strength and prowess as they negotiate the different obstacles. The weather held out and the competition was thoroughly enjoyed by participants and public alike.

There were many thrills over the three days but no serious spills! There is nothing more inspiring than a healthy, well turned out horse - and there were plenty to see.

Hasta pronto!

Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Easter!

No, I haven't started posting twice a day. But due to some very bad time management on my part, yesterday's post was published just after the witching hour, so it looks like it was from today. Never mind.

My intention today is to wish you all a very happy Easter weekend full of sunshine. I hope that the Easter bunny is generous!

Card by Soul UK
How cute? Teacups and bunnies! This was sent to us and is too nice not to share.

Have a great Easter weekend!

Spring colours

Spring time in Tenerife is full of colour as in any country, but here the flowers are the type that I would normally have difficulty in maintaining indoors. They are elegant and exotic and grow easily in the flowerbeds in parks and gardens.

Enjoy the spring flowers, whatever colour they may be.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Island in the sun

Or not. If you happen to be in Tenerife this week then I apologise. I've been here for 6 months and this is the first time we've had four consecutive days of clouds and - OMG - rain! But, this week is Easter week and the Spanish get an extra long weekend to celebrate. This usually means the mass evacuation of all major cities heading for the coast. And as most may know, but few will admit, this week has traditionally bad weather. It doesn't matter when the holiday falls, the weather is bad.

Not to worry, this is what it's normally like:
El Teide

Los Gigantes and Puerto Santiago

Garachico, TF

Sunset over La Gomera from Punta de Teno, TF

Tenerife is a fantastic place to visit for some winter sunshine and to fight off the winter blues. A little ray of sunshine from me to you, wherever you are today.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011


Every journey has to start somewhere. This is the beginning of a new experience for me. I'm on a steep learning curve, shall we say? Cyberspace is a whole new world and, although I've been 'stalking' quite a few blogs for some time, I've never had a go myself.

So, this is it. My own patch of cyberland. I don't have a blog plan as yet but I hope that it all starts to come together and make sense soon. There are so many possibilities of things to tell that it's difficult to know where to start.

Sunrise over Gran Canaria from Tenerife
 As the sun comes up on my new blog I hope that the days will be filled with interesting journeys and that I will meet fellow travellers along the way. If you have the time, why don't you drop by and join me for a while? I look forward to meeting you soon.