About Me

Born in the UK, I have spent the last 15 years in Spain where I am proud to say that I have learned the language (from scratch!) and feel part of the local community.

My nomadic life has taken me all over the UK, France and Spain and I have lived in about 16 different places over the years.

I am currently trying my hand at a creative writing course to help me on my quest as an aspiring writer. One day the storyline that keeps bubbling around in my head will become a book. I still don't feel as if I have truly found my 'voice', so until I do, I'll just have to continue with the mumblings.

I share my life with my wonderful hubby (won't say any more, don't want to make him blush!), our two horses and my ever-faithful cat. She has put up with me for the last 11 years and has had to pack her bag every time we've moved on to a new place - perhaps the most travelled cat in the world?!

I enjoy photography and taking photos of everything and anything. It's not unusual to see me walking along the street with a camera in my hand. I've just upgraded my camera and with it I hope to improve my understanding of photography and my skills. So, what better place to show off what I learn than here on my blog!

I hope that you enjoy this blog as much as I enjoy putting it all together. Thank you for dropping by, I hope that you'll have time to stay for a while and perhaps leave a comment or two.

Hasta pronto!