Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Home sweet home

I'm back! And in every sense! I hope that the posts will start to be as regular as before (thank you for being so patient!) and that the mumblings start to rumble again; and I'm also back home. After 10 months on the island of Tenerife our time there finally came to an end and we started the process of packing up and moving home. Where is home? In the heart of the Spanish mainland, Madrid.

Moving is never easy and it doesn't get any easier even if it's necessary, not my 'real' home and done on a pretty regular basis. There never seems to be that much stuff until it's time to get it all in boxes and suitcases. It all fitted in the car on the way over so surely it'll all fit in on the way back.....!

Our moves are usually a bit more complicated as we also have to move two horses and a cat - oh yes, a real travelling fair! The horses have to be organised from start to finish as they have to travel by boat and it's a 3 day journey from Tenerife to Madrid (more about this tomorrow). So we need to plan stopping times and to make sure that they have hay and water and then there's the paperwork, oh the paperwork! Spain is notorious for it's red-tape but when it comes to moving horses, it's a world apart. So the horses and hubby went by sea and me and my faithful cat, Miss L., flew home.

It's a lovely feeling when I walk through the door and everything is I remember it. Ten months have passed but at the same time it feels as if I never left. I feel happy, relaxed and comfortable. There's a lot to do as time has passed and things need to be seen to but it doesn't matter because I'm home. It seems that this time we'll be here for at least a month so I can organise things properly and get them how I really want them.

It's hot here at the moment, hotter than Tenerife, and we've just had a heatwave - it got to a sweaty 38ºC (that's 100.4ºF!!) but a thunderstorm seems to have sorted it out and it's now generally around 31ºC (87.8ºF) at midday. The best time to get anything done is early in the morning or last thing in the evening - the heat at lunchtime makes it difficult to do anything!

Our time in Tenerife was fun and we have many lovely memories, as well as a few new numbers on the mobile phone, but it's necessary to keep looking to the horizon. I love to think back to things I've done and places I've been and especially the people I've been fortunate enough to meet, but today and the days ahead are where I have to focus. The future is always uncertain but there's a certain excitment for the journeys and adventures that lie ahead - more nomadic tales to tell!

Hasta pronto!


  1. ah welcome back cant wait to

  2. When I first started following your blog you were on this trip so it will be interesting to see how you run your blog now you are back, I am looking forward to hearing more about the horses. The heat sounds unbearable where you are, but having said that I do normally prefer colder weather so it’s no surprise I think it sounds unbearable. Anyway looking forward to reading more of your posts more frequently.

  3. Hopefully there will be more regular posts(fingers crossed!) and I'll let you know how the horses are getting on. They don't seem to mind the heat so much but it's impossible to ride at midday but we prefer early in the morning anyway! Thanks for dropping by - hasta pronto!