Wednesday, 1 February 2012

So where is it??

We've been warned. Today the temperatures are going to plummet, winter is finally going to arrive and we should be expecting Arctic freezing and Siberian winds.....

This is the current view from my bedroom window across the rooftops of the town where I live. Hmmmmm. I'm not saying that it won't come eventually, but perhaps not today.

To be honest, it would probably do the city some good to have a bit of winter wind and some rain. This photo is taken in the direction of Madrid, the capital. Can you see a hazy, murky, brown looking cloud hanging on the horizon? That's pollution. It hasn't rained here since the the beginning of the year and that was only a light drizzle. It really does make you wonder what we are breathing in!

So, I say 'bring on the big freeze' (and a little bit of rain, not too much now, to wash all the gunk away!).

Hasta pronto!


  1. Love the photos of roofs! Especially the second, makes me want to climb there ;) And the rain? Hm... Don't think I've seen it since last February... Keep hoping...

  2. Reading blogs from around the world, it seems the weather conditions have been unusual this year in many parts. We have had no snow here in northern UK this year so far. I do feel lucky though that we have little pollution in the countryside where I live.
    I was happy to give you the award, and am glad you wish to accept it as you have such an interesting blog.
    Just right click your mouse on the picture of the award and press 'save image as' then choose how you wish to save it on you computer. I just put it on my desktop until I transferred it to my blog then deleted it, but you could save it as a file.
    How are your exams going?

  3. Yes it looks like a little bit of winter weather could do some good, that’s a very sinister looking cloud when you know what it really is. We have had a freeze where we are and lots of rain but no snow yet.