Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Autumn in the city

It's been cold, grey and miserable for I don't know how many days now. Something that we not very accustomed to around these parts. So I thought that today I would visually cheer myself up with some lively autumn colours.

Blue sky on an autumn morning
These pictures were took recently at the Club de Campo Villa de Madrid (City of Madrid Country Club). I was hoping to avoid the horsey theme but it was while I was at a dressage show - so unavoidable I fear!

City buildings in the distance
The Country Club is not only for equestrian activities, there are also facilities for tennis, swimming, golf and even chess and bridge! The most curious thing about the place though is that it is only about 2 minutes away from the centre of Madrid. Who would have thought that 250 hectares of open-air sporting facilities could be found practically at the heart of a city?

Entry to the Country Club is by membership but when events are being held it is open to the public in general. The facilities can also be used on other occasions with a day-pass.

The atmosphere is quiet and serene and is a perfect setting to experience the autumn colours of the leaves on the endless rows of trees around the complex.

Hasta pronto!

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  1. It’s been grey and wet here today so your post is very nice to look at and read, it looks like a great place I am sure one could spend hours there, and such a nice menage too.