Monday, 27 June 2011

Dive, dive, dive

Monday seems to have rolled around again, the weeks' holiday is over and it's time to put things in order that have been left to their own devices for the last few days.

Last week we managed to go diving again on Thursday afternoon but the sea was a bit too choppy for us to go to the site where the turtles are (what a shame, we'll just have to go again sometime!!) so we went to a different site - Roncadores del Faro. Our dive depth this time was 12m so we had plenty more scope to see the aquatic life. Again there was no coral at this site due to the volcanic rock but there was plenty of anemones and plant life to mak it more interesting. There was an abundance of fish and they were obviously used to divers being in the area as they followed us around the whole time. One even swam close enough so that I could gently touch it with my finger.

Bluefin Damselfish (Image source)

European Parrotfish
European Parrotfish & White Bream (Image source)

Photo of trumpetfish
Trumpet Fish (Image source)

We also saw a Sharpnose Puffer fish, an Ornate or Turkish Wrasse, Zebra bream, an anemone which was as pretty as any flower, a sea cucumber - deep red with yellow circles, and a Lime urchin (sea urchin) with long black spines. I'm sure that there were many other creatures there as well but these are the ones that I was able to identify. It's almost as much fun flicking through the fish book back at the dive centre afterwards and trying to identify everything that we'd seen!

Once again I thoroughly enjoyed it (as did hubby!) and I felt that the dive centre was first rate in looking after us and making sure that we were safe the whole time. We will certainly be considering going back for another dive soon - the turtles are still waiting for my visit!

Hasta pronto!


  1. A great dive, you got to see so much. Love the idea of touching a fish underwater.
    Fingers crossed for the turtles next time.

  2. Great photos! I'm so fascinated with aquatic life; I went snorkeling in Key West a few weeks ago, and wished I had an underwater was so amazing

  3. Oh my gosh, how exciting! There is just so much loveliness beneath the surface of the water. Gorgeous gorgeous photos!!

  4. go divers!!!!!i save the 2nd on my dekstop