Friday, 17 June 2011

Dressage glamour

There is something infinitely satisfying about seeing a horse and rider with a total understanding of each other, moving harmoniously and looking like they are enjoying what they are doing. In my case, it probably lasts for a few seconds during an hour of training! But that's what I love about dressage - the challenge. There's always something new to learn, always a way to improve and always someone that does it better and is a real joy to watch.

I love the way that dressage practically forces me to be calm, to take deep breaths and relax - ever tried riding a horse when you're stressed? Believe me the results are awful! The horse picks up on the negative vibes and it's a rough ride (literally!) all the way.

I love the competitions, the attention to detail and the glamour! It's elegant! There's nothing better than a well turned out horse and an impeccably dressed rider. And if, on top of that, they perform well together......!!

The men also look very smart but it was hubby on the camera at the weekend while I was at the judges table, so they didn't get a look in! I'll try and get more photos next time.

Wishing you all, wherever you are, an enjoyable and elegant weekend!

Hasta pronto!


  1. Wow! What a cool hobby. I've always wanted to learn to ride dressage.

  2. It definitely sounds like you have a passion for the sport and had a great time being there!