Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Sea view

Yesterday was hot - really hot! But we had planned a little excursion that was going to take the heat away. It involved the beach - yay! - the sea, and a lot of equipment. Oh yes, we went scuba diving!! I've been a couple of times and have the PADI scuba diver card but it's something that's totally recreational - I love being under the water with the fish. It's so peaceful and watching the fish up-close and getting on with their everyday stuff is fantastic.

Yesterday hubby came along with me. He had a go for the first time last summer and wasn't really that impressed. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy it but he felt a bit apprehensive about being under the water for so long. So it was a real thrill for me when he said that he'd like to give it another go.

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We did the level 1 dive which went down to 6m. It was enough for the first time in a year and was good for refreshing the memory and remembering how the equipment works and the hand signals. Even though it wasn't that deep there was plenty of fish to see and all in beautiful colours. There was no coral where we were because the volcanic stone around the island doesn't have the right conditions for it to grow. We also had the opportunity to get up close and 'play' with an arrow head crab.

diving  lanzarote
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We both really enjoyed it and if anyone is in Tenerife and fancies a bit of scuba diving then I can highly recommend the Aqua Marina Diving Centre. The equipment is in good condition and well maintained and the dive guides have experience and know their stuff. They'll make sure that you have a safe and enjoyable dive.

Well, we enjoyed it so much that we decided to go for another dive in Thursday - this time to 12m and hopefully we'll get to swim with turtles! I'll let you know.

Hasta pronto!

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  1. How great! I use to go diving for work a lot a few years ago and it was always so much fun!