Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Thinking about friends

This week the posts are going to be real quickies and a bit sketchy. Why? Because I have loads on, a very busy week (the type that I haven't had in ages and I'm enjoying getting the little grey cells zinging again!). I'll definitely fill in all the details bit it'll probably be for the beginning of next week.

Yesterday evening I saw a report on the news about a questionnaire that was carried out in Spain recently (in the north I think) about friendship. According to the report, 1 in 10 people considered that they had NO friends whatsoever. It doesn't sound a lot, but 10%, 1 person for every 10 considers that they are totally alone. At first I was surprised, then it really made me quite sad to think how these people must feel. Perhaps they don't care, but I don't think that's true.

And it got me thinking. How many true friends do I have? I don't mean colleagues from work, or the neighbour that I always say hello to in the morning, or family, I mean real friends. And I was pleased that, after some thought, I would probably consider 6 people to be real, true friends and for who I would do anything to help if they needed me. I consider myself to be their friend too.

So, I should probably call them more often, or write, or visit. I live a long way from most of my friends and don't get to see them for long stretches of time but, you know, I know that they will always be there and when we catch up again it'll be like we've never been apart. True friends. It still makes me sad to think that there are people out there that believe that they have no-one that they can turn to if they need help or even call just to have a giggle. It makes me feel truly blessed to know that I have real friends - and yes, I'll call more often!

Today isn't International Friend day, or anything like that, it's just the same as any other day with so many things to do and many distractions. Life sometimes gets in the way but today I'm going to make the effort and find time to get in touch with one of my friends.

Hasta pronto!


  1. That statistic is quite astonishing, when I was younger, I would have said, I couldn't live without my friends, but as I age, I see how my die-hard, steadfast idea about friendship is changing. I've seen and asked older people especially, (between their mid-40s and 60') and they don't often have best friends or close friends that they can completely trust. Which is quite interesting....because maybe it's to do with age or or something? Also, I can see how moving to a different country it makes it extremely to make friends like back I'm working on it.

    You sound like an awesome friend Andrea! xo

  2. I would like to think so but on my score card it probably reads: 'could do better'! :-)