Monday, 24 October 2011

The Mar Menor and La Manga

Over the weekend I was away again visiting my parents. Their place is in the region of Murcia which is in the south-east corner of Spain. It's not a very large region but it is popular for holidays and there are a lot of foreign residents that spend most of the year there. This is probably because of its climate - it's hot in summer and cooler in winter but it never gets as cold as the centre of the country or the north. The beaches are directly on the Mediterranean so the water temperature is also quite mild and can even feel warm in summer.

Mar Menor, Los Narejos
One of the main attractions in this area is the Mar Menor (Small Sea) which is not really a sea as such but a large lake which is bordered by the mainland on one side and La Manga on the other. There are channels where the water mixes with the Mediterranean Sea.

Mar Menor
La Manga on the horizon
La Manga is a stretch of land which runs the length of the Mar Menor, 21km, and joins the mainland at each extreme. It is 200m wide at its narrowest point and 1.200m at its widest. There are buildings along practically the whole of its length and can be driven along the whole way.

The region becomes extremely busy and crowded during the summer months so for a quieter visit its better to go out of season. The sun is warm enough to go to the beach most days and the water in the Mar Menor is still inviting!

Hasta pronto!

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  1. This region looks so pretty, I can see why there are so many foreign students.