Monday, 17 October 2011

Spanish Dressage Juniors Championships 2011

Over the last three days more than 140 riders with their horses have been battling it out in five different categories to be the Spanish Champion 2011. The categories were organised by age group - their were two childrens' classes, the Pony category, Junior category and Young Rider category.

The standard was extremely high - it takes more than one good score at a competition to make it to the Championships! The riders were all impeccably turned out and the horses, well, the horses had nothing to be ashamed about. They were brushed, polished and wiped until they were all shining brightly in the sunlight.

Friday and Saturday were the qualifying rounds for the finals on Sunday. The 15 best scores from each categlory went through to the final and, in the case of the Juniors and Young Riders, had to show their worth in the Freestyle test.

Some of the gold medal winners
It was fantastic to see the dedication and determination of such young competitors and the atmosphere was buzzing the whole weekend. There was a good vibe throughout the competition and riders, family members, trainers and friends all applauded for each competitor.

Young Rider category winners
And on the podium
It was interesting that all the gold medal winners this year were young ladies! Perhaps this is a good sign for the future as most of the professional riders in Spain seem to be men!

I had a wonderful weekend enjoying the competition and continuing with the practical tests for my dressage judge's course (a bit more about that tomorrow).

Gold, silver and bronze medal winners with the competition judges

Hasta pronto!


  1. Congratulations to the young ladies! Both horses and riders do look wonderfully well turned out. It is so much hard work to get to that level, so they will be delighted with their win. The weather looks pretty good too! Abby

  2. Brilliant post thanks for sharing it’s great to see so much dressage and it’s interesting to hear how it all works, looking forward to hearing more about you becoming a dressage judge as always.