Thursday, 13 October 2011

Views to die for

While I was absent during my bloggy break I was out and about doing other things. I went with hubby to the Basque Country to visit some people we met a few years back and who breed Lusitana (Portuguese breed) horses. Don't worry, I'm not going to ramble on again about horses but the fabulous views that they have from their house. They live near the town of Mungia which is approximately 20 mins from Bilbao.

This is definitely more of a visual post, so I will stop twittering and let you feast your eyes on the magnificent landscape.

View from the garden
Another view from the garden
The garden looks out over a valley as you can see and the nearest neighbours live in the house just to the right. There are no other neighbours in sight!

As the sun begins to set
Our friends live in the cutest wooden house. It is very similar to the chalets you can find in the Swiss Alps and so cosy! They also have a porch where it is possible to sit and just stare into the distance.

View from the porch
Dramatic end to another day
What a privilege to be able to comtemplate these wonderful landscapes every day. They told us that no two sunsets are the same - jealous? Us? Of course!!

Hasta pronto!


  1. I am turning a rather bright shade of green looking at this post!
    What a magnificent setting, the photographs are wonderful and I can imagine how lovely it must have been to sit on the porch and see the sunset.
    And please do continue to 'ramble' on about horses, I have really enjoyed reading your posts about the dressage competitions :) Abby

  2. Wow, those are beautiful landscapes!!!

  3. Yep, that would be a relaxing view to walk outside and watch sunsets like that every night. Imagine the photos (plus the relaxation)!

    The more photos I see like this makes me want to move out of the city...