Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Windsurf World Championship

For the last seven days 57 'riders' have been battling it out to be the king / queen of the waves in the second round of the Windsurf World Championship. The event was organised by the PWA, Professional Windsurfers Association.

Riding the waves
It's being held in El Médano, on the south side of the island of Tenerife. It's quite mesmerizing watching the coloured sails of the windsurfers zipping backwards and forwards across the waves. And they've got it all set up - part of the beach to leave the board and sail and the rest for the bars, stalls and chill-out areas!

The only thing that I thought wasn't very well organised was when the tests were actually going to be held. There was no schedule, or at least none that I could see. I understand that it depends largely on the wind, but there could at least have been some sort of general list of what was supposed to be happening and when.

I didn't mind seeing them practice but it would have been nice to catch some of the competition. I couldn't spend the whole day down on the beach so I went when I thought that there would be something to see, and I'd missed it. But there was nothing posted for the next day either - I did enjoy a nice cool beer to compensate though!

Hasta pronto!

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