Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Bilbao, city along the river

Through the heart of Bilbao runs the river Nervion which becomes an estuary in the dock area of the city before joining the sea.

The river is an important part of the structure of the city as well as an integral part of the industry in the area.

Buildings along the river

There is very little industrial traffic along the river now but it still used frequently for sporting activities such as canoeing and pleasure sailing. The port of Bilbao is still very much in use for industrial activity and there is a frequent ferry service between Bilbao and Portsmouth in the UK.

Bridges across the river

With the city being built on both sides of the river there are many bridges joining the two shores for road transport as well as people on foot. The designs range from the classical to the ultra-modern, something to suit all tastes!

Hasta pronto!


  1. i love cities divided by a river. i haven't visited Bilboa. I'm not keen on ferries for starters... lol

  2. Very nice place indeed! This might sound a bit odd but that is one nice looking lamppost, sorry just it caught my eye but the whole place is looks nice I also really like the river.

  3. Nice to 'meet' you. Thanks for following my blog. Yours looks very interesting and different. I'm looking forward to reading more.