Thursday, 22 September 2011

Probably the biggest puppy in the world

The Guggenheim is famous for the wonderful architecture of its building, for its modern art exhibitions

Main entrance to Guggenheim Museum
And for Puppy!


'Puppy' is a 13m high West Highland White designed by the artist Jeff Koons. It is made from a steel structure and is covered with clay and flowers which are changed seasonally. It was first built in 1992 for an exhibition in Germany before it was acquired by the Guggenheim Foundation and moved to stand guard over the entrance to the museum in 1997 and where it has remained ever since. 'Puppy' is delightful to see and has become a symbol of the city.

Wouldn't this be a great view to have every day either from your apartment window or on your way to work? And for all the film buffs, the white building on the right is where James Bond (Pierce Brosnan) escaped from in the film The World Is Not Enough!

Hasta pronto!


  1. Seeing 'Puppy' every day would put a smile on my face for sure... a most wonderful example of modern art. Were you around when they filmed the scene for James Bond? (I do not remember when it was made).

  2. Wow, that puppy is magnificent! That view down the street in your last photo is fantastic. Wish I had that now instead of railyards which I'm currently looking at...

  3. The James Bond film was made a few years ago and unfortunately I wasn´t around. Probably it's a good thing - I´d have ended up running after Pierce Brosnan and I don´t think it would have gone down too well with the film crew!!
    Take a photo of your railyards Greg, it may be more inspiring than you realise!

  4. Hey there, I do have a photo of the railyards now, but I'm still looking for the inspiration! I might include it in my blog when I come up with something, but it may be more of a comedy piece :)