Monday, 5 September 2011

Traffic trouble in the country

Have you ever been in a traffic jam in the country? It's not quite what you would expect. There's not lane after lane of exhaust chugging vehicles snaking into the distance with the heat shimmering off their metallic bodies, no sounding of horns or angry drivers shaking their fists.

We recently found ourselves in the country and 'stuck' in traffic.

Traffic jam, country style

There's not really a lot that can be done once you find yourself sat behind cattle being moved from one field to another along the main road.

'What's the rush?'
We sat and waited patiently for them to advance and move to either side of the road. Fortunately it wasn't a busy road at all and nothing came in the opposite direction otherwise we could have been there quite a while waiting for them to decide in which direction they wanted to move.

A donkey in the next field had a good laugh at our expense though! It's obvious that in the country it's not how fast a journey can be made, but the quality of the grass along the way!

Hasta pronto!

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  1. I want a little Dexter cow someday they are very sweet. The two youngsters are very sweet, I was wondering do you know why some of the cattle have wooden collars on? I have never seen them before but then I don’t have anything to do with cattle and so don’t know much about them or how they are kept.