Thursday, 1 September 2011

Pas Valley, Cantabria

In the heart of Cantabria is an area called Valle del Pas (Pas Valley). Towns of traditional stlye buildings, typical from this region, nestle between rolling green hills and rivers.

Valle del Pas
In summer the sun lights up the emerald green of the fields and trees.

Although winter in this region is harsh - snow posts mark the edges of the roads and just to the south of the valley is a ski station which is popular for those interested in winter sports.

The valley is worth visiting, not only for its breathtaking views, but for the rich cultural heritage - medieval churches, monasteries and palaces. Also in the town of Puente Viesgo there are some of the best examples of prehistoric cave paintings which are open to visitors.

The views are stunning and a refreshing change from the heat and dust, typical in summer, in the popular tourist regions of the south of Spain.

Hasta pronto!

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  1. Love the photos it’s a nice place and has some amazing views, I am still shocked at just how green it all is. I have left another comment on the post I missed.