Friday, 16 September 2011

Modern vs. classical

The majority of the architecture in Bilbao is classical and adds character and a certain atmosphere to the city. But, as with any large city, progress and modernisation has to be a part of its' moving forward. In Bilbao the modern manages to sit quite comfortably with its older surroundings.

Isozaki Towers

The Isozaki Towers are symbols of the urbanistic transformation that is taking place in Bilbao. They are built close to the commercial and historic centres of the city along the river bank. Practically all of the old industrial areas along the river bank have been redeveloped and modernised with residential buildings and offices.

Zubizuri bridge
The modern Zubizuri footbridge links the two banks of the river, the new with the old.

Directly opposite the modern tower buildings sit some traditional residential buildings. They certainly don't seem to be overshadowed by their modern counterparts. I suppose that, as with everything, it is merely a question of taste.

Hasta pronto!


  1. Beautiful! Modern architecture is definitely eye-catching but there is nothing like older buildings that are so rich with history! You see a lot of that in Philadelphia- close to where I live. Spending a day in old city is one of my favorite things to do:). Lovely photos!! Thanks for your sweet condolence regarding my grandmother.

  2. Great example of modern and classicial juxtaposed. There is a constant struggle in Halifax, the Capital City of my home Province of Nova Scotia, Canada, between preservation and new development. European cities do a much better hob of bringing the two together. I love your photos.

  3. i really like that bridge photograph. i can barely look away from it. the lines and everything about it is so cool:)

  4. I agree it is a question of taste. For me the traditional buildings are beautiful, however, I rather like the Zubizuri bridge, but not so keen on the Isozaki Towers.