Monday, 30 May 2011

Canary Islands Day

Every region in Spain has its' own special day, which is generally a holiday, and is meant to celebrate the history and culture of that area. Today it's the Canary Islands Day!

The Canary Islands has a rich and varied history of settlers and invaders. It was also the last port of call to rest and restock for the adventurers going on to discover the 'new world'. Over the weekend, events and activities have been going on to celebrate and remember the history and traditions of the Canaries.

Canary Islands celebrations in Tenerife
In Playa de Las Americas a display was put on by local people to demonstrate the traditional music, dancing and costumes of Tenerife.

The musicians
The singers
The dancers
The thing that struck me most was that it seems that it's only the older generation that seem to be interested in keeping the traditions alive. Is the younger generation not interested in their collective past? What happens when those involved are no longer around or are no longer able to participate? I think that old traditions are important to maintain, especially in this age of globalisation.

Do you think that local traditions should be kept alive? Are there any interesting traditions in your area?

Hasta pronto!


  1. It's always interesting to see the local customs and traditions of different cultures. I do think they should be kept alive, but I think it can only be done with willing participants young or old. It definitely is something to think about.

    Rambles with Reese

  2. Thats too bad about not having the younger generation included. Usually there are a tons of kids in costumes since they don't have any input on participating (forced parental fun ). Love the costumes, I've never seen anything like it.

  3. This sounds brilliant! I love traditions like this but have to admit, can't really think of many where I'm from. There are certain things I do every year though like my local carnival :)

    Rosie x