Tuesday, 24 May 2011

On the beach: II

Just along from the town, and beaches, of Los Cristianos is Playa de Las Americas. It's not a particularly residential area, and those houses that managed to remain standing have literally been swallowed up by the rows and rows and rows of huge hotels. It is probably the most popular, and well known, tourist area - bright lights, loud music, bars, restaurants, shops and hotels. Which, in my opinion, must be the attraction here as the beach is, well, not that wonderful.

Playa del Camisón, Playa de Las Américas
The only sandy beach belonging to this area is Playa del Camisón - and it's artificial! Yep, they brought the sand here! But it is a safe beach for children as the water is quite shallow and calm with breakwaters on both sides controlling the waves.

Charco del Marqués, Playa de Las Américas
El Cabezo Grande, Playa de Las Américas
The rest of the coastline around this area is mostly rocky. Not great for sunbathing but fabulous for rock-pooling when the tide goes out! It's also a popular spot for surfers with the waves rolling in from the Atlantic with nothing to stop them until they reach the shore.

Las Verónicas, Playa de Las Américas
But I think that the main attraction in this area is the wide amount of entertainment. Bars and restaurants are open from morning until very late at night and are the main reasons why a lot of visitors to the island come here.

Hasta pronto!


  1. it's a shame but so much of the Spanish coast is all about the highrises. we wanted to move near Malaga but when we got there i was horrified. having said that, it's sunny and great for kids. and the photos you took show there is beauty still there.


  2. It's true that a lot of the Spanish coast has been spoilt by ruthless building. But there are still some very lovely places - it's just a question of finding them!

  3. Could you imagine having to haul in all of that sand? Gorgeous photos.Some of these posts are of areas I've never heard of. I would love to see the country added to your posts.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm your newest follower :)


  4. As requested HPCB! I've added the country to the 'labels' at the end of each post.
    Hope to see you here again soon.
    Andrea x